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“WMD” review by Cesar Chirinos

“WMD” is a double-side single that marks the gloomiest side from Cult of Coil with two tracks that digs into the possibilities of dystopic soundscapes in two scheming experiments. Delving between industrial-inspired rhythms and dark atmospheres, the Riga based producer shows its versatility by defying genres of the dark spectrum of electronic music.
The mechanical soundscapes and immersive melodies from Side A conceives an eerie electro cut that can be heard as a retro-futuristic ballad. The vast deepness of the vintage synths works perfectly with the intergalactic motifs of the spectral surroundings. On a more conceptual approach, Side B merges an obscure and ethereal beat with uncanny wubs that melds into an utterly vast void of hypnotic melodies. A bass-oriented composition that is highly effective on its enigmatic intentions.
With “WMD” Cult of Coil presents an ambitious work that have the power to transport to other dimensions. The opening sound of the record which is Oppenheimer’s notorious phrase: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” can sum up the conception behind both tracks: a trip to the most tumultuous face of human nature.
— Cesar Chirinos

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